LEGO Infinity Cube

This post is intended to go with the 3agles’ LEGO Infinity Cube. Sold exclusively at The Mini Market.

Infinite folding fun

The Infinity cube. AKA Endless Cube. AKA Magic Cube. AKA Yoshimoto Cube. Whatever you call it, it’s a lot of fun. Infinite folding and unfolding fun.


Wikimedia Commons: Magic Folding Cube


The 3agles LEGO Infinity Cube is inspired by the Yoshimoto Cube.


image credit:

Fun Facts

  • In 1971, mathematician Naoki Yoshimoto invented a polyhedral mechanical puzzle in his search to find ways to divide a cube equally in half.
  • The cube is made of 8 interconnected cubes that can be folded or unfolded indefinitely.
  • A solid Yoshimoto Cube can be divided into two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons which then can be folded into two hollow Yoshimoto Cubes.

Yoshimoto cubes can be 3D printed, made out of paper or in our case, made out of LEGO bricks.

Thank you for purchasing a 3agles LEGO Infinity Cube!

-Mom OKAZOO and the O-Boys


Grow Your Brain


FrugalFun4Boys Build an Endless Cube with LEGO Bricks

Wikipedia Yoshimoto Cube

forgetomori Folding the Yoshimoto Cube, Feeding 500


Let’s Do This has a YouTube video tutorial for making LEGO Infinity Cubes at DIY Infinity Cube



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